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About Us

We are a close-knit UC Berkeley organization made up of passionate subteams who believe that you do not have to be an engineer in order to engineer change. We welcome students and professionals of all backgrounds.

By designing and implementing hands-on projects, educating students and practicing engineers on best practices, and uniting passionate people in a global network, we continue building a more sustainable world.


Active Projects

Rainwater Harvesting and Bioswale System

The Rainwater Harvesting System and Bioswale project (2016-2022) was created to improve stormwater retention and water conservation at UC Berkeley’s campus.

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3D Printed Waste Recycling

 Despite being technology of the future, the 100+ 3D printers on campus create piles of plastic trash. Through a series of recycling projects in collaboration with SERC, Green Labs, Richmond High School, and many more, we can convert vetoed prototypes and tangled spools into new filament and materials research – providing educational opportunities alongside a zero-waste future.

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Hoover Elementary School Garden Projects (HOPES)

Fight food insecurity in the Bay Area by building nutritional literacy, an outdoor curriculum, rain garden, chicken coop out of recycled materials, and much more with campus partners and students at Hoover Elementary School in Oakland.

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Liquid Gold

Work in a lab, create educational media, assist in the development and automation of the urine processing system, facilitate hydroponic experiments to test the vitality of the fertilizer, or design a plan to scale for campus-wide nutrient capture with Civil Engineering professor and researcher Dr. Kara Nelson! As our newest initiative, we will be implementing a urine diverting toilet in O’Brien Hall to research the potential for wide scale urine nutrient recovery for agricultural fertilizers.

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Repair Cafe

The Repair Cafe is partnered with the local organization Transition Berkeley. Together we aim to teach useful repair skills to high school students of Berkeley Technology Academy. With instruction from various community repair experts, we learn skills such as hand sewing, patching a flat bike tire, diagnosing a toilet, and more!

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Brechtel Terrace Greenwall

The wall outside the Engineering Student Services is a little barren, isn’t it? We are designing a green alternative in conjunction with the building’s remodeling, coming soon!

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Leadership (2022)

Dana Sanchez (she / her)


Kalana Penetrante

Vice President

Elham Zakeri

Director of Communications

Yezzen Alrawi (he / him)

Director of Finance

Lucy Revina

Director of Technology

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