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We believe that you do not have to be an engineer in order to engineer change. We welcome students and professionals of all backgrounds to join us in building a more sustainable world through designing and implementing hands-on sustainability projects, educating students and practicing engineers on sustainability best practices,
and uniting people who are passionate about sustainability to create a global network.



Food Waste App

Food waste is a major environmental and economic issue, responsible for emitting a large amount of greenhouse gasses and wasting billions of dollars. The Food Waste App is a project whose ultimate goal is to reduce food waste by on-campus clubs and organizations. If clubs and organizations order too much food for a meeting, instead of throwing it out, they can send out a notification through the Food Waste App to alert users about food on campus, hopefully reducing not only food waste but also empty stomachs.

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Paper Towels to Energy

 The purpose of Paper Towels to Energy is to produce bioethanol from waste paper towels from bathrooms around campus. By using fungal cellulases to unlock the sugars within the lignocellulose contained, paper towels can grow the fungal species necessary to produce bioethanol.

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ESW Zero Waste Team

Headed by Nicole U., this dynamic team is motivated to assist engineering departments and organizations to align with the UC Zero Waste by 2020 goals. The team works with the Student Environmental Resource Center and Zero Waste Research Center for hosting zero waste events, workshops, and socials. They will leverage existing resources with a goal of creating awareness and institutionalizing zero waste practices. This team also consults with all other ESW projects to ensure long-term waste-free meetings and build days.

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Hoover Elementary School Garden Projects

Our goal is to fight food insecurity in the Bay Area by promoting nutritional literacy in children through the elementary school garden program in Oakland. We work with elementary school students at Hoover Elementary School and help build their garden into an educational, safe place for students and the surrounding community! Over 80% of students enrolled here are on the free and reduced meal service plan and come from a variety of backgrounds. We welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels to join our team. We work with organizations across campus like the Student Environmental Resource Center, Berkeley Food Institute, and Carbon Crew to engage students in outdoor learning. Over the years we have learned how to use natural building materials like cob and adobe to create strong structures like the chicken coop and the climbing wall.

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Serena Patel


T.G. Roberts


Nicole Ulakovic

Vice President

Chernelle Zaide

Director of Communications & Zero Waste Associate

Sooyeon Oh

Director of Technology

Dana Sanchez

Director of Finance & Zero Waste Associate

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We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.