Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

New and Upcoming Opportunities Below!
Floating Wetlands Have Launched!null

Earlier this June, the Floating Wetlands team launched their island at Lake Temescal in Oakland. We hope that it will help reduce the frequency of algae blooms in the lake!

Fall 2019 Board Elections and Applications

Some of ESW’s board positions will be open this coming academic year. If you would like to submit yourself for elections, please fill out the following form by August 24.

Positions available are:
a. President (Incumbent running)
b. Vice President of Project Management
c. Director of Finance
d. Director of Communications
e. Director of Technology (Incumbent running)
f. Vice President of Educational Development

“Deplastifying the Planet” Fall 2019 Course

Interested in creatively solving the problems of an overly plastic planet? A one to two unit experiential seminar titled “Deplastifying the Planet” will be available this Fall semester for innovative students to work with companies hoping to solve the issue of plastic waste. The class will be held in Downtown San Francisco.

Interested students should submit a statement of interest and resume (max 2 pages in a single pdf file) and mention Oumar Ba/001003 as referent on the first page and email everything to on or before August 28, 2019.

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