December 19 Newsletter

December 19 Newsletter


  1. Floating Wetland Build Day
  2. Hoover Elementary School Second Leader Needed
  3. Field Science Fellowship
  4. Fung Fellowship
  5. Buy Nothing, Do Something
  7. Readings/Resources

Floating Wetland Build Day

Thursday, December 19th (9:30 am)
The floating wetland team really needs some help to pull the wetland out of the lake, so please please come if you are able. Celebrate finishing finals (if you finish early), or take a study break!
Meet in front of MLK at 9:30 am and email if you are interested.

Hoover Elementary Project Second Leader Needed

Wednesday, January 1st (11:59 pm)
We are looking for a second project leader for the Hoover elementary school project, to help with a new grant! This project will be using the Zipcar grant that was originally for the floating wetland, and we now need someone to help with creating a video to submit to Zipcar! We have the chance to win up to $10,000 and help out the kids there!
Please fill out this form by January 1st if you are interested in the Hoover project!

Field Science Fellowship

“We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Field Science Fellowship, a new undergraduate research program sponsored by the University of California Natural Reserve System (NRS).
The NRS Field Science Fellowship provides financial support to UC undergraduate-faculty teams conducting scientific research in the field at NRS reserves. The fellowships enable students to focus on gaining valuable hands-on research experience under the guidance of a faculty researcher. Each $6,000 award consists of a $5,000 student stipend and $1,000 to cover project costs. A maximum of $24,000 will be awarded annually.
Projects enabling the student to perform full-time research over the summer are preferred. However, we will also consider proposals that explain why the research must be conducted during another season, and how the student will be able to accomplish the research while enrolled in classes during the academic year.
Eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria, and complete application information can be found here. The application deadline for Summer 2020 is February 7, 2020.”

Fung Fellowship

UC Berkeley’s Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovations program’s applications for the 2020-2021 academic year are now open! The Fung Fellowship is a unique opportunity for rising juniors to create innovative health and wellness solutions to address real-world challenges alongside our community and industry partners. Fung Fellows utilize the iterative human-centered design process, public health principles, and emerging technology. The deadline to submit the application is February 21st, 2020

Buy Nothing, Do Something!

“What do the holidays mean to you? Take a second to close your eyes and picture the holiday season. What do you see? Maybe hearty dinners, holiday parties, or quality time with family and friends. Our most cherished holiday memories come from enjoying what we have with those we love.
Unfortunately, large corporations are telling their own holiday stories, ones in which we express our love not by doing stuff with our families, but by buying Stuff for them. The holidays aren’t about friends dropping in, but shopping ‘til you drop.
Of course we can buy gifts for those we love! But we can’t allow consumerism to take over the holidays. That’s why we are inviting you to join us in celebrating Buy Nothing Day, an international holiday dedicated to resisting consumerism. What’s more, we’re challenging you to dedicate your day to making change in your community!
We want to get back to the original stories of the holidays: spending time with loved ones and counting the blessings you have, not the Stuff that you want. Prioritize doing something instead of buying something.” Click here for more tips and to sign the pledge!


“MEDLIFE strives to support low-income families in Latin America in achieving greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live safer and healthier lives. They partner with under-served communities in Lima, Peru to improve access to medicine, education, and development. Their approach revolves around cultural sensitivity and sustainability – ensuring that their work serves the needs and desires of the people they work with, and ensuring their work remains meaningful and valuable for generations to come!
If you’re interested in supporting the MEDLIFE efforts involving architecture and engineering projects either in Peru, or locally in Berkeley, feel free to check out their website here! You can also reach out to the UCB MEDLIFE President at”


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