Engineers for a Sustainable World

UC Berkeley and Beyond

You do not have to be an engineer in order to engineer change. We welcome students and professionals of all backgrounds to join us in building a more sustainable world through designing and implementing hands-on sustainability projects, educating students and practicing engineers on sustainability best practices, and uniting people who are passionate about sustainability to create a global network.

– ESW@UCB Leadership Team

Who We Are

Engineers for a Sustainable World is a national non-profit network of 50 collegiate chapters, all dedicated to building a better and more sustainable world. Every chapter has its own unique culture, and we’re pretty proud of ours. We are a diverse mix of students from all majors and backgrounds, united by our passion for helping the environment.

What We​ Do

While good intentions are great, we believe good intentions paired with action are even better. So, projects are at the core of what we do. In addition, we organize and sponsor events aimed at education and professional development for our members and the community.

Our Spring 2022 Team

Dana Sanchez (she / her)


Hi! I’m a third year studying Energy Engineering and I am very passionate about Environmental Justice as well as Inclusivity within the Engineering Community.

Kalana Penetrante

Vice President

Hello! I am a second year student studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Energy and Environment. I am very passionate about sustainability and clean energy!

Elham Zakeri

Director of Communications

EECS @ University of California, Berkeley

Yezzen Alrawi (he / him)

Director of Finance

Hi everyone! I am third year Energy Engineering student and I’m excited to work in an organization making real change in the world of sustainability.

Lucy Revina

Director of Technology

I am an EECS junior transfer fascinated by the ways that software and electrical materials combine to combat pollution, toxic waste, and energy inequality. I thrive when tech, nature, and people can work together!

And more!

In addition to our officer Leadership team, we have an amazing set of project leads each with their own team.

Read more about them here!

Team Structure

We envision a world of environmental, social, and economic prosperity created and sustained by local and global collective action.

Our Mission


Social, environmental, and economic sustainability are all necessary
A sustainable world has to have a robust ecosystem, a lasting and equitable society, and a stable economy. Though our work often focuses on addressing environmental issues, we recognize these other elements as equally important.

We collaborate rather than compete
We’re concerned with solving problems, not with making a profit. We know the challenges we face are beyond the scope of engineers alone to address, and so we seek to share our knowledge and collaborate with others.

Implementation and education are equally important for long-term change
Education is important in understanding environmental issues and training future engineers, but implementation of appropriate solutions is also required to ensure a visible, lasting impact.

Suits and stiffness are not requirements for professionalism
Sometimes we need to laugh. Sometimes short sleeves and sneakers make more sense than suits (say, when building gardens). Our ability to be professionals while making a better world isn’t compromised by having fun.
Anyone can join and contribute meaningfully
We recognize the importance of a diversity of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives in addressing complex issues, and actively encourage participation.

Innovation doesn’t always mean new technologies
Appropriate solutions don’t always require innovation, but when they do, that can include both technical innovation and innovative implementation of traditional methods and technologies. We build off of what others have done to avoid reinventing the wheel.

It's worth doing the right thing; it’s also worth doing things right
We are ethical and diligent in our work. We develop data-driven solutions to real problems and invest the time and effort to provide quality results, and then we learn from both failures and successes to drive future improvements.

We are pragmatic optimists
Pragmatism means seeing the world as it is - in context, with complexity, and often not in very good shape. Optimism is a belief that that things can improve. Both are essential for finding effective steps forward.


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