Our People

Dana Sanchez (she / her)


Hi! I’m a third year studying Energy Engineering and I am very passionate about Environmental Justice as well as Inclusivity within the Engineering Community.

Kalana Penetrante

Vice President

Hello! I am a second year student studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Energy and Environment. I am very passionate about sustainability and clean energy!

Elham Zakeri

Director of Communications (2022)

EECS @ University of California, Berkeley

Yezzen Alrawi (he / him)

Director of Finance

Hi everyone! I am third year Energy Engineering student and I’m excited to work in an organization making real change in the world of sustainability.

Lucy Revina

Director of Technology

I am an EECS junior transfer fascinated by the ways that software and electrical materials combine to combat pollution, toxic waste, and energy inequality. I thrive when tech, nature, and people can work together!

Chernelle Zaide

Director of Communications (2021)

I’m a third year studying Nuclear Engineering! My biggest interest in a sustainable future is clean energy!

Project Leads

Danielle Fujimoto

HOPES and Greenwall Lead

Hey! I am a third year studying Environmental Science and I am passionate about sustainability and reducing waste!

Divya Vilekar

 Bioswale & Rainwater Harvesting Co-Lead

I am a third year studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, interested in green building and sustainable design. 

Julian Anatole Falagan

 Bioswale & Rainwater Harvesting Co-Lead

Liquid Gold Lead

Kechen Liu

HOPES Co-lead

Hi, I am Kechen, a first year student at UC Berkeley and I will be co-leading HOPES this year. I am interested in pollution management and sustainable development!

Hall of Fame – Past Teams

We are grateful for these individuals’ amazing contributions and are excited for their new adventures!

2020 – 2021

Serena Patel


T.G. Roberts


Nicole Ulakovic

Vice President

Chernelle Zaide

Director of Communications & Zero Waste Associate

Sooyeon Oh

Director of Technology

Dana Sanchez

Director of Finance & Zero Waste Associate


Varun Bhatia


Hi! My name is Varun Bhatia, and I’m a third year studying mechanical engineering and EECS. I joined the ESW Rainwater Harvesting project in my freshman year, and since then my passion for participating in and promoting sustainable engineering has only grown. I’m excited to be president of ESW and collaborate with other sustainability-minded individuals to make a difference on our campus and in our local community! This semester, I’m looking forward to helping our current on-campus projects reach fruition while expanding our scope into the Berkeley Unified School District. Outside of ESW, I enjoy reading, biking, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and working on various engineering projects.

Sandeep Kamboj

Vice President

My name is Sandeep Kamboj and I am a junior majoring in Business Administration. I love doing henna, listening to music, and watching Bollywood movies in my free time! The one aspect which draws me closer to ESW is that it serves as a rewarding platform for everyone to make a difference. As Vice President, I endeavor to help get projects the resources they need and connect with everyone trying to make the world around them better with the technology of tomorrow!

Allison Pearson

Director of Communications

My name is Allison and I am a third year studying chemical engineering. I love hiking, running, and any kind of outdoor adventure! My favorite thing about ESW is the way it empowers Berkeley students from a variety of fields with a chance to work on projects that inspire them and impact our planet. As Director of Communications, I aim to share ESW’s exciting progress and opportunities  with our members and the community.

Akaash Kambath

Director of Technology

My name is Akaash Kambath and I’m a junior studying EECS. In my spare time I love to play tennis, basketball, and table tennis! I’m incredibly passionate about computer science and about finding ways to use technology to help solve problems that humankind faces. In my opinion, the best part about ESW is that it serves as a platform for everyone to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom into making real-world differences for the community. As Director of Technology, I’m focused on updating our current website as well as building a new one for ESW. I aim to use my passion for programming to better connect ESW to the public and provide real-time updates for our members to make our organization more synchronized!