Solar Charging Station


There is already enough emphasis on renewable technology in this century. However, it is unfortunately difficult to see them in an everyday-life use form around us. We only end up finding them on the news and stats how useful they are. The goal of the CalSoChill project is to remedy that situation. CalSoChill is a simple form of renewable technology to be understood and be integrated in our everyday lives: A functional off-grid solar charging station, where people can work and chill. CalSoChill utilizes its elevated solar panels designed to capture solar energy and to provide shading at the same time. People will be able to sit on the charging station under the shade. We, as a project team, aim to research, design, and build a functional off-grid mobile solar charging station for students to charge their electronics outdoors. By doing so, we also aim to raise the awareness of sustainable energy, especially renewable energy technology, within our campus as well as in local schools through educational outreach program.

Solar Charging Station Project
The goal of the Solar Charging Station project is to develop an innovative system for collecting solar energy and providing power to charge a few cellphones or laptops.
Project Leader: Andrew Ansell